Face casting is a simple and easy process. I use a 2 part compound silicone that is especially developed for the skin and is used by the film industry.

A thin layer is applied on the face and sets within minutes. A bit like a facial. The nostrils are simply left open. There is no longer any need for straws. After the silicone has become touch dry I apply modrock bandaging (so the silicone mask will keep its shape). The whole process takes 20 to 25 minutes. The modrock shell simply lifts of. And the very flexible and smooth silicone part peels off.

I have done over a hundred face casts and never had any complaints. Lots of people found it even meditative and soothing.

I received an award from the Arts Council in 2012 for my exhibition ‘Faces of Frome’. For which I made 50 face casts from people in and around Frome. From these plaster face casts I developed resin casts, porcelain and convex porcelain. See my website for more info and pictures.

I take face casts of kids from 12 years onwards. And I can take face casts from beardy men.

Once I have taken the face cast I will make your plaster face cast at my studio. The cast will have to dry for several weeks. The finished plaster face cast ready to hang on the wall £95 all in.

I use the plaster cast to make the porcelain convex portrait.

From the silicone mask I can also make a cold cast with a bronze or tin layer. Or you can go the whole way and have a bronze face cast on a slate plinth. Contact me for more details and prices.